Chuck Versus the
AHA Campaign Reboot

Zachary Levi's
29th birthday is Sept. 29
Let's send him
"Birthday Wishes From The Heart"

Find out how to donate by visiting the new
Support Portal & AHA Campaign Headquarters
Links to all things Chuck & much more to come


Let's think of some other people to send notes to
when we donate to the American Heart Association
in the name of Chuck Bartowksi.

Please leave some comments with suggestions for
new recipients of the thank you notes and for new messages

More news very soon about new ideas
the new website for We Heart Chuck

Let's let NBC know we appreciate it by making another
donation to the American Heart Association.

Follow the directions given below but
change your personal message to something like...

"A heartfelt thank you, NBC, for renewing Chuck!"


"We Heart Chuck NBC, thanks for renewing!"

We've have plans to continue the AHA campaign during Season 3.
More news about that very soon.

Here's How To Donate...

First go here...

Fill in "Select Tribute Type" with "In the name of" (just click down arrow, it's the bottom one)

Fill the name Chuck Bartowski (there are red asterisks where you put the name)

Use the following info for "who would you like to receive the acknowledgment?"

NBC's Chuck
Attn: Ben Silverman
3000 W Alameda Ave
Admin Bldg
Burbank, CA 91523

(or you could use:
NBC'S Chuck
Attn: Angela Bromstad
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg 1320E 4th FL
Universal City, CA 91608 but then all the notes aren't going to Ben)

Next part is "From" and I'm using my real name

Next is "Personalized Message." You could use the one suggested by ChuckNut on the NBC Chuck Forum...

"A heartfelt thank you, NBC, for renewing Chuck!"

(Be sure to click on "Preview Acknowledgment" so you can correct anything that's goofed up before moving on.)

The next page you get to fill in the how to donate info (credit card or electronic check) and how much.

Next page you get to fill in your credit card and address info. That should be it. :)

In acknowledgment of your donation, The American Heart Association will send a card (similar to the one below) to Ben Silverman...
(btw -- this was not my original idea. I believe the first person on the NBC Chuck forum to suggest donating to something worthwhile was "Carlp007". The idea grew from there with lots of suggestions from lots of people on the forum. Please feel free to add your comments.)

5/6/09 -- $215
5/7/09 -- $3,432.03
5/8/09 -- $3,977.03 (161 total donations)
5/8/09 -- $5,036. 00
5/11/09 -- $9,755.53 (337 total donations)
5/12/09 -- $10,378.03 (362 total donations)
5/13/09 --
$13,255.92 (416 total donations)
5/14/09 -- $13,796.92 (433 total donations)
5/15/09 -- $14,676.00 (467 total donations)
5/18/09 -- $16,520.92 (522 total donations)
5/19/09 -- $17,145.94 (530 total donations)
5/20/09 -- $17,360.94 (535 total donations)
5/21/09 -- $17,395.94 (584 total donations)
5/22/09 -- $17,570.94 (587 total donations)
5/26/09 -- $17,670.94 (591 total donations)
5/28/09 -- $17,830.94 (595 total donations)
5/29/09 -- $17,880.94 (597 total donations)
6/03/09 -- $18,085.94 (607 total donations)
6/10/09 -- $18,100.94 (608 total donations)
6/23/09 -- $18,125.94 (609 total donations)
6/29/09 -- $18,135.94 (610 total donations)